About Us

Administrate is a package of procedures, instructions, ideas and documents that are aimed at enabling owners of small to medium enterprises (SME’s) to concentrate on what they do best – running their business – comfortable with the knowledge that the business administrative needs are being met.

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Simple and Accessible

The administrate package sits inside the home page of your intranet thus making it accessible only to your employees.

With just the click of a button your can locate the procedure for employing a new member of staff and easily generate an employment agreement.

Administrate can be utilised as a self help guide assisting you with information about workers compensation and superannuation which will make the sometimes mammoth task of form handling less daunting.

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Making it Easy for Your Employees

Your new employees can gain an early understanding of the structure of your company by taking a tour of your intranet home page which will identify your company policies, organisational chart, staff profiles.

They will also find out where to obtain an annual leave or sick leave form and learn whether they will need a doctor’s certificate or not. They won’t waste time finding who is the best person to ask.

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Business Continuity

One of the very important aims of Administrate is to allow continuity of business processes and the seamless transition of administration by new staff who are replacing staff exiting your company.

Admin staff will no longer need to re invent forms because they will already be in one place.

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Control and Consistency

With one template for each type of form required, you are in control of what your forms look like and your company will be represented in the same way no matter which staff member is communicating to your external and internal customers.